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Giá: Thương lượng
Trạng thái: Có hàng
Model: GPL-4535+GPS-4525L
Đơn hàng tối thiểu: 1
Đánh giá: Chưa có


Power:380V 50/60HZ 13KW

Packing size:L700*W400*H200mm

Packing speed:2-50 pcs/min

Turntable speed:0-14r/min


Dimension :L1600*W670*L1520mm

Gas used:5.5 kg/cm3

Max.electric current:30A

GPL-4535+GPS-4525 Overview
GPL-4535+GPS-4525 is a Sealing and Shrinking packing line. It can operate automatically. This is a Packing Line With high efficiency and less labor. Easy to operate and maintain. Also it is suitable for many kinds of products. Because of its reliability and safety this kinds of Packing Machine is one of the ideal products for you.

GPL-4535+GPS-4525 Practical Design
With the high technology in our engineering team .we have already produce a series Carton Sealing and Shrinking Machine. Also it is widely used in Packing Machine areas. When they work, the materials will be sent automatically and can adjust by themselves .easy to operate and maintain. .Equipped with PLC control system and safety protecting and alarm devices; the length of shrink film is automatically adjusted by the electric eyes and control timer. It is suitable for sealing the thin and small products. Also automatically perform the scraps discharge process. Leave no mess and keep your working space tidy and clean.

GPL-4535+GPS-4525 Swift Adjustment
This Packing Machine is easy to operate and adjust. Constant sealing with no need of changing .if you still send the same material. It will have a quickly speed. If not, you just to adjust the button. It takes a little of time. And then it will continue to work.

GPL-4535+GPS-4525 Reliability
The whole machine in our company is very reliable. Because before we send the machine, we will test whether it does work. Also we have a maintenance service. Once you have questions, we will solve the problem first time.

GPL-4535+GPS-4525 More Information
If you are interested in our products Please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to satisfy all your requirements. And also we will provide you the machine with good quality and low price.

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